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Magic The Gathering Online By Samson Lancaster – MyrddinCROW I miss the smell of a fresh Magic The Gathering starter deck from 1994, it was indeed a good year. I started collecting and playing in 94′ with the Revised Edition

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Dead Island: Riptide Review


By Salvador Madrigal РSlavezero Dead Island: Riptide is a continuation of the first game that came out in 2011.  This time around you end up on the island of Palanai shortly after landing on the ship that was to

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EQ 1999


My First MMO By Samson Lancaster – MyrddinCROW I was 16 years old and fresh on the way out of my chat-room phase, when I discovered EverQuest in 1999. It was the perfect combination of chat-room and video game, a

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Union Aerospace Wants You!


DOOM The Original By Samson Lancaster – MyrddinCROW Hardcore midi’s and pixelated gore, my kind of game. I remember loving Doom simply because of how sick and twisted it was compared to other games of its time “Finally something my

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Stay Awhile & Listen


Diablo Retrospective By Samson Lancaster – MyrddinCROW I remember the days of old-school Diablo back in 1996, Blizzard North and smokin’ hot Succubi sprites. I remember being resurrected countless times into level 99 firewall by Warrior PKs. DI was just

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Brutal HoTS


StarCraft II РHeart of the Swarm By Samson Lancaster РMyrddinCROW  Greetings gamers! This will be my first article and it will be focused on the Campaign of the latest SC2 expansion Heart of The Swarm (HoTS). So bear

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