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Muertenegra – My Days as an Undead Rogue


By Samson Lancaster – MyrddinCROW Back in 2004, I was spending my time playing EverQuest 2, Diablo 2 and of course, still playing StarCraft. I remember attending LAN parties at friends’ houses and seeing others playing a silly looking MMO

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F2P, yes plz!!: The Poor Man’s Guide to MMOs


By Salvador Madrigal – Slavezero They say nothing in life is really free.  To be honest, you can find free stuff if you really look.  I’m guessing if you’re reading this article, like me, your pockets are moth eaten or

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Video Games Changing the World


By Bobby Perez – Deadski In a way, a very strange way, the old 8-bit video games are saving the world today. From getting paid to play games and using that money to help starving kids in Africa, to becoming an internet

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Portal Re-experienced


By Eddie Vargas – Skullmonkey If you’re a gamer and have never heard of Portal, you should surrender your gamer card now and dismantle your gaming rig. Ok, I’m only, kidding….kinda. Sincerely though, if you’ve never played Portal, you’ve deprived

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