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Rog Rogerson for STR CAST Gaming Podcast


“A Video Game Podcast of Superior Quality” – Rog Rogerson tells you why you should be listening to STR CAST Gaming Podcast. Listen at or visit Str N Gaming at

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Samson’s Video Game Music – Covers – YouTube Edition Vol. 1


By Samson Lancaster – Editor-In-Chief Long awaited, by whomever is reading this, Video Game Music Covers, YouTube Edition! I am happy to bring to you some very inspiring, aspiring YouTubers with some amazing talent (and perhaps several already successful YouTubers).

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Last of Us: X-ray specs? Nah, up the ante.


By Zak Longo Over the holiday break, I had time to dig into this game for the first time. I played it through on hard in around 20 hours. Looking back, I would choose to go a level harder to survivor

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2013 – the Year in Gaming


by Brian Acebedo – Writer As we dwindle away the last few minutes and hours of 2013, we here at would like to take a moment to look back soberly at the year that was, reflecting on the accomplishments

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Samson’s Video Game Music – Covers / Remixes Vol. 1


By Samson Lancaster - Editor-In-Chief The following is a list of some of my favorite video game covers and remixes. I have ordered this list from least impressive to most impressive. And I have also included a Spotify playlist of all

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Samson’s Video Game Music – Final-Boss Battles Vol. 1


By Samson Lancaster - Editor-In-Chief This is a comprehensive list of some of the most memorable Final Boss Battle themes from my gaming history. This list includes only FINAL Boss battles not mini-bosses or standard bosses. The tracks are from original

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Samson’s Video Game Music – Boss Battles Vol. 1


By Samson Lancaster – MyrddinCROW The following is a comprehensive list of music from some of my favorite Boss Battles. I want to clarify that these are NOT Final Boss Battles, rather standard level bosses or mini-bosses.  I compiled this

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Samson’s Spooky Video Game Music – Vol.1


By Samson Lancaster – MyrddinCROW Spookiness is timeless. That being said, here is my list of spooky video game music song picks Vol 1. Enjoy! The following are all from original soundtracks and scores only. The songs are in order

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Open World Games for Next-Gen: Better, Not Bigger Games


By Bobby Perez - Deadski In the past several years open world games have come a long way; from rough graphics and loading screens, to incredible environments with almost limitless possibilities. More and more next-gen games are going in this direction,

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PSN Trophies: A Love/Hate Story


By Bobby Perez – Deadski With new generation consoles coming around the corner I can’t help but wonder about achievements and trophies. Trophies and achievements are new to the current generation, but have always been around in one form or

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