STR CAST 123: Retro Games Plus w/ Kris Krohn

STR CAST 123: Retro Games Plus w/ Kris Krohn

STR CAST 123: Retro Games Plus w/ Kris Krohn
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HOSTS: Cat McGuire, Salvador Madrigal, Samson Lancaster 

GUEST: Kris Krohn Owner of Retro Games Plus

We sit down with the owner of Retro Games Plus and discuss the origins of the store. In addition we cover loot box legislation, the ProJared Controversy ( A.K.A. F**k ProJared and his Creepy Dick) and the Claptrap debacle!

Music: n8bit 

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Retro Games Plus was founded in 2008 and is an independent video game store with 3 locations in CT in Norwalk, Orange and Newington and one in Huntington Beach, CA.

Retro Games Plus was created out of an avid love of video games and vintage toys. We wanted to create not only a store but a personalized experience that is a tribute to the classic games. Besides, today many games can be bought online and we feel that being able to visit a store talk about games, and search for titles is something every community should have.

We carry almost every type of system dating back to the original Odyssey, Intellivision and Atari up to the latest consoles of PS4, Xbox One and Switch. In the past few years we expanded to also carry Vintage Action Figures, Collectibles, DVDs, Blu Rays, Gundam Figures, LEGO and Minifigures, Accessories for all Games and more!

In creating our store we wanted to be as far apart from the large chain stores as possible. Therefore when you come in our store you will see complete classic systems in their boxes on display. Most importantly, we believe that our customers have the same passion for video games as we do and should be able to share that passion.

Retro Games Plus is dedicated to providing our customers with world class customer service. If you have any issues with any games we accept returns within 14 days and offer a 60 day warranty on all systems. We strive to offer the best customer service, pay the most for your items and offer you the lowest purchase prices.

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