STR CAST EP30: Caitlin’s Pokemon Corner


STR CAST EP30: Caitlin’s Pokemon Corner
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Special Guest Host Caitlin McGuire discusses Pokemon ORAS with the nerds.

HOSTS: Salvador Madrigal, Emory D. Williams, Samson Lancaster

Guest Host: Caitlin McGuire
Music: n8bit

Shout Outs: 30th “Anniversary” STR CAST Animated

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2 comments on “STR CAST EP30: Caitlin’s Pokemon Corner
  1. Dennis McGuire says:

    I learned a lot! Thanks for the shout-outs, Caitlin. From black-hat hackers to Mythic Pokemon….You nerds do your people people proud. I expect to see your cast audition for King of the Nerds. You are quick on your feet and have great improv timing.

    — A Librarian

    • Str says:

      Haha, thank you kind sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I think we are a bit too old for King of the Nerds (a show that I love), however Caitlin would be a shoo-in. – Samson

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