Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 trailer, I pooped a little…

By Jack Acebedo

Well folks! It’s finally happening! The threequel to tie up loose ends! Scott Cawthon has released the teaser trailer for Five Night at Freddy’s 3! I am personally so excited, but left with so many questions!

Watch The Trailer on YouTube

Scott has been hinting at this game for a while, but this is crazy! It started with him changing the background on his website, to this:
then this:
Of course, Scott couldn’t stop there. The game now has an official campaign on steam, already skyrocketing to the number one spot on greenlight, check it out.

There’s a few pictures of the game, but there’s also a description that reads:

“Thirty years after Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza closed it’s doors, the events that took place there have become nothing more than a rumor and a childhood memory, but the owners of “Fazbear’s Fright: The Horror Attraction” are determined to revive the legend and make the experience as authentic as possible for patrons, going to great lengths to find anything that might have survived decades of neglect and ruin.

At first there were only empty shells, a hand, a hook, an old paper-plate doll, but then a remarkable discovery was made…

The attraction now has one animatronic.”

There are also these:
Of course, as with any trailer, it just raises new questions, who is “He”? Why did Fazbear Entertainment decide to become Fazbear Fright? What is this new animatronic, it looks like something made of pure nightmare fuel? Will we ever know who the purple guy actually was? What is this new device mechanic that lets you see the status of the cameras, audio, and ventilation? And where the hell is Golden Freddy?! These are questions that will haunt me in the night, along with the image of that horrifying new animatronic. All we can do now is wait, and hope that all loose ends will be tied up, In the final installment of this amazing horror trilogy…

*The curtains shall open on the final act.*

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