Flappy Bird Creator at it again with ‘Swing Copters’

By Samson Lancaster – Editor-in-Chief

No, this isn’t a game that you play with your friends in the mens locker room! Does anyone else remember the Flappy Bird phenomenon? I’ll wager that hipsters do, anyways, there is a new game for all Flappy Bird fans, Swing Copters! Dong Nguyen, creator of Flappy Bird, made a new game called ‘Swing Copters’. I’m sure Dong meant the title with no pun intended … At any rate, this game looks just as mind-numbingly difficult, so it should be like crack to the masses.

In Swing Copters, you are tasked with getting your little helicopter helmet dude through what appear to be giant swinging mallets. You tap the screen to redirect him to left or right, if you miscalculate by a nanosecond he gets smashed and you have to start over. Sounds amazing! But, don’t take my word for it, watch TouchArcade play it below.

Gameplay of ‘Swing Copters’ courtesy of TouchArcade

Swing Copters is scheduled to release this week on the 21st, it will be a free download, with an in app purchase of $0.99 to permanently remove ads. So, Happy Hunting Hipsters!

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