Phil Fish is Depressed again… Selling FEZ & POLYTRON IP

By Samson Lancaster – Editor-in-Chief  NOTE: This article has been updated with new information as the situation develops.

Latest Update 8-22-14 7:52AM:  from’s article “Phil Fish & Polytron doxxed by 4chan’s /v/” – Phil Fish, every gamers favorite person to hate on, has just been hacked by the /v/ board over at 4chan. Following an extremely thorough doxxing by the volatile group, Polytron Corporation’s website and twitter account have been taken over by the internet radicals. The terrorists over at /v/ (specifically the  “head mod and leader of and Anonymous”,) claim this is a “public execution of Polytron and Phil Fish” that is being done in “retaliation for his attempted coverup of five guys burgers and fries.” read more here.

Update 8-22-14: All of Phil Fish’s Twitter accounts where Hacked. Poor guy. No joke for Phil. He ended up deleting his account to take back control. All of his personal / financial information ended up posted online. However, during the hack it is said that he retained access, so it is uncertain whether the complaints were him or the “cyber-terrorists”. So the question is does he still want out?

Original Article Posted 8-21-14:
Phil Fish is demonstrating on Twitter, that he doesn’t know when to shut up? Or perhaps he likes the attention? I think the latter. Does anyone take this guy seriously anymore? Well the latest announcement of selling off his IP’s seems serious enough, we will just have to wait and see. Earlier today Phill Fish, creator of the popular indie game “FEZ” tweeted that he wants to sell off the FEZ & POLYTRON IP’s, any takers? His latest tweets are very depressing take a look.


Phil Fish to Sell FEZ & POLYTRON


Give Up Indie Gamers, Phil says so.


You Dreams are Nightmares.


Burn it down!

I don’t know maybe someone should recommend a shrink, I’m kinda worried about this guy now … Seriously get this guy some help, he is making us all depressed.


Ok, maybe now he is losing it.

Apparently his Polytron Twitter account was hacked, and this is what set him off on his latest Twitter Tirade…


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