Samson’s Video Game Music – Inspired By, Vol. 1

By Samson Lancaster – Editor-in-Chief

The following is the latest top-10-list of my favorite songs inspired by video game music. I have ordered this list from least impressive to most impressive. I have also included a Spotify playlist of all the songs in this list for your enjoyment follow it here.

10. Arrow In The Knee (Skyrim Rap) – Peter Coffin / 2011 / Single
Did you get your fill of “Arrow In The Knee” jokes yet? No then you need to listen to this now! I used to write articles then I took an arrow in the knee!

9. Cosmo Canyon – Random (Mega Ran) & Lost Perception (Feat. The Ranger) / 2011 / Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII
Yeah, yeah, feel it, turn up the bass on this one. The stylings of Mega Ran never cease to amaze, if you love FFVII, then bump this track at cruising speed.

8. STREET FIGHTER – Jace Hall, Tara Ellis / 2010 / STREET FIGHTER
Don’t mess with Jace, he is a Street Fighter. This is a very creatively written song, it sounds great and it gets me pumped. This would be a great fight song before an e-sports tourney.

7. Zelda II With Lyrics (Intro, Overworld, and Palace Themes) – Brentalfloss / 2012 / Bits of Me
This Song has such an epic mouth feel. Swish it around when you sing along. Make sure to “floss” after, there are chunks of tasty lyrics! I have always loved Zelda II’s music the most, very unique as far as Koji’s work is concerned.

6. Aerith (with Additional Vocals By Spiral Arm) – Random (Mega Ran) & Lost Perception / 2011 / Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII
Dem feelz, Aerith I will avenge thee! I love how Mega Ran can tell the story of Aerith with OG gangsta form.

5. Generation Gaming – Dan Bull / 2012 / Generation Gaming
This rap embodies the evolution of the Millennial Gamer. I really relate to everything in this song. Mr. Bull has such skill with words, and games.

4. The Legend of Zelda Rap – Smosh / 2011 / If Music Were Real
Link comes straight up from the streets of Hyrule, and he is here to get medieval on your asses. L-I-N-K in the hizzy baby.

3. Zerg, Shotgun, And You – Whiteboy James & The Blues Express / 2011 / Extreme Makeover (The video is different than credited in my Spotify Playlist)
My good ol’ buddies from Raynor’s Raiders Whiteboy and his Locomotive. Love these guys, you may have heard this in the bar chilling with Jim Raynor. This really makes me want to round up some Zerg yeeehawww! (The Album version is way better)

2. Ghouls ‘n Ghosts – Mega Ran & Richie Branson / 2012 / The Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (Deluxe Edition)
Keep a weapon close, cuz Richie and Ran be killin’ ghouls n’ ghosts, catch em if you can. You can’t, not even Arthur himself can stop these guys.

1. Star Fox: Space Oddity – Brentalfloss / 2012 / Bits of Me (The video is different than credited in my Spotify Playlist)
I find this to be one of the most creative and fun VGM parodies ever. Brentalfloss really reaches the ends of the cosmos with this one. The Album version is way better, be sure to listen!

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