Samson’s Video Game Music – Covers – YouTube Edition Vol. 1

By Samson Lancaster – Editor-In-Chief

Long awaited, by whomever is reading this, Video Game Music Covers, YouTube Edition! I am happy to bring to you some very inspiring, aspiring YouTubers with some amazing talent (and perhaps several already successful YouTubers). Some you may have heard of, and some you may have not. As always, I placed this list in a countdown to most impressive. Enjoy!

10. Super Mario Bros. 2, gypsy-jazz – Adrian Holovaty
Some serious nostalgia here, and here I thought this game was just a dream. Or perhaps we have all had the same dream…

9. Viking Spirits (Ogre Battle SNES), flute cover – Lauren Liebowitz
This one was hard to find, I feel there is not enough appreciation of Ogre Battle’s Music. A lot of dedication and skill here, I wish the audio quality was a tad better.

8. Super Metroid Guitar Medley – FamilyJules7X
Love these heavy riffs, a great tribute to a great game!

7. The Legend of Zelda – Song of Storms – Acoustic Cover – guitarpie123
This cover, really gives that eerie feel of the Song of Storms, an acoustic enhancement.

6. To Zanarkand (FFX) – Taylor Davis
Very exquisitely done, simple isolated solo from a genuinely skilled musician. FFX was one of my faves in the series.

5. FINAL FANTASY Medley Harp Duet – (Harp Twins) Camille and Kennerly
I gotta say, I can really appreciate the theatrics with twin Rikkus. Very skilled harpers, these ladies are.

4. Civilization – Danny Kaye w/ The Andrews Sisters Cover (Fallout 3) – Joel Cathey
This a very fun and impressive cover from one of my all time favorite game series’. I love the layering and video clips there of. An oldie, but certainly a goodie.

3. Guile’s Theme – Street Fighter – Metal Cover – Shinray ShinrayOfficial
The video editing and quality achieved, must have taken a lot of work, very well done sir. I love me some SONIC BOOM!

2. Everquest Piano – Kelethin – Jeremiah Comer
Simply inspiring, this is a very well done piece of one of the more memorable songs in the original EverQuest. Some serious nostalgia feels going on right now…

1. The Dragonborn Comes (Skyrim) – Malukah (malufenix) – @malukah
Beautiful voice, better than the bards in game and I love the transition to the main theme. One of the few non-essential things I have done in Skyrim is make sure to listen to every bard sing, good times. A real life bard, no milk drinkers here.

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One comment on “Samson’s Video Game Music – Covers – YouTube Edition Vol. 1
  1. I don’t know if I’ve commented here before (sorry if I did!) but youtube let me know that people were viewing my video from your page and I followed the link over here. Thanks for linking to my cover of Viking Spirits from Ogre Battle. You’re right; the audio quality is pretty rough! I’ve learned a lot about audio since then. I rerecorded it and remixed it to fix the clipping issues. Maybe still not perfect, but much better. You can check it out (free) here if you want:

    Unfortunately, youtube won’t let me reupload with better audio, so I’m stuck with the video sounding bad… 🙁

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