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By Samson Lancaster – MyrddinCROW
Special Guest – Dan Bull

Note: As you may know by now I recently became a fan of an amazing English Rapper by the name of Dan Bull. Mr. Bull records a lot of video game related music, and his raps are absolutely brilliant, my current favorite is “Generation Gaming“. For your reading pleasure, I got the chance to ask him a few questions about his gaming history. Enjoy!

Dan Bull Logo | Str N Gaming

Dan Bull - Image taken from Watch Dogs Rap

Dan Bull – Image taken from Watch Dogs Rap


Samson: Why are you so awesome?

Mr. Bull: I don’t feel awesome, I feel like a normal guy with an obsessive hobby.

Samson: What made you start rapping about video games?

Mr. Bull: My love of video games and having too much free time. It also allowed me to rap about things that a middle class white guy can’t normally get away with, like guns and violence.

Samson: What are some of your favorite Gaming news/blogs you follow?

Mr. Bull: I read Kotaku fairly often, but my favourite source of gaming infotainment is the channel KitFez on YouTube, run by Kit Harrison. He has a gaming show called The Pixel show and it is hilarious.

Samson: What is your favorite play-style in Skyrim?

Mr. Bull: Complete everything as thoroughly as possible, and leave the main quest til last. I am an explorer, I like to get lost in worlds.

Samson: What is some of your favorite game music?

Mr. Bull: I loved the soundtracks from the first GTA games back in the 1990s. They are largely responsible for me getting into the music I’m still into today.

Samson: What are your top 3 video game favorites of this Decade & why?

Mr. Bull: Since 2010? Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas and Civilization V. All of these are games that I can get utterly lost in for hours, days, weeks and months. Not many games can do that.

Samson: What are your top 3 retro video game favorites & why? 

Mr. Bull: Grand Theft Auto. It was part of my teen rebellion phase and also a thoroughly good game. Civilization II, a game I played for well over a decade. Pokemon was also my first introduction to the world of RPGs.

Samson: What project has been your favorite in your career?

Mr. Bull: I suppose making the transition from being just a musician to a “YouTube musician” – when I introduced the visual aspect to my creativity, I had a lot more fun and avenues to explore. It’s also responsible for my career now.

Samson: How big is the gaming scene in the UK?

Mr. Bull: I’m not really part of any “scene” so I’m not sure, but there are a fair few conferences such as Rezzed and Insomnia. Probably not as big as in the US but there’s definitely stuff going on.

Samson: Any plans regarding a tour for us yanks, in the US?

Mr. Bull: Not so far, but I came to LA for E3 and it was great -I would love to come back.

Samson: PS4 or XboxOne?

Mr. Bull: I’ll take the one that doesn’t constantly monitor everything I’m doing.

It is artists like Dan Bull that are an inspiration to us gamers and video game music enthusiast around the world! You can Learn more about Dan Bull and his music at and be sure to like him on facebook

Dan Bull’s Epic Logo!

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